At Baggage Handler , we believe in giving our customers flexibility when it comes to pricing. We want to ensure that we offer an affordable and convenient solution to our customers based on their storage needs. Whether you’re looking for short term luggage storage or long term, we’ve got you covered. For any special requests, feel free to write to us at [email protected]

Pricing details for Pick-up OR Drop-off :.

                                                                                            (Please call for price)


Pricing Details (per item) for storage

Important Notes

  1. ‘Daily’ price is limited to the same calendar date. Overnight counts as two separate days.
  2. For additional days beyond a week or a month, the ‘Daily’ charge would apply. For example, if you store one bag for 10 days, you will be charged the ‘Weekly’ price for the first 7 days and then the ‘Daily’ price for the next 3 days, i.e., total price = $40 + 3 x $7.00 = $61.00



Duration Online Payment (Credit/Debit) Cash Payment
Daily                   $.7.00       $10.00
Weekly                       $40       $55.00
Monthly                       $100       $150.00