Baggage Handler  is Canadian leading luggage storage provider for short term (few hours/days) to long term storage of bags and other items.


Baggage Handler ‘s Locations are verified locations provided by our partners with extra storage space that can be used for short term and long term storage. Each Baggage Handler’s Location is thoroughly checked to ensure ease of access, safety, and security before being listed on the site. We take customer feedback seriously and dismiss locations that do not meet standards. If interested in being a Baggage Handler’s Partner Location, just write to us at [email protected] (please give details like address, size of storage space, access, hours of operation, etc.) and our team will get back to you soon.



Travelers often find themselves without an easy way to tote around the luggage that they need on a trip. While luggage can be left in a hotel room, or with Airbnb host this frequently isn’t an option before check-in or after check-out — especially as more and more people opt for non-traditional accommodations that don’t always provide the amenities hotels do. Additionally, luggage can be safely left in a locked car, but many travelers in major cities don’t rent cars.

Baggage Handler give travelers who don’t have alternative options a way to safely stow their luggage so that they don’t have to carry it with them.


Travelers who don’t have a place to stow their luggage. These travelers may be:

  • People who are touring a city for one day
  • Job applicants who fly into a city for an interview
  • Travelers who are staying at an Airbnb or similar setup
  • Researchers who are in a city for a short amount of time
  • Consultants who are in a city to meet a client for a few hours